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It's come to my attention, to no fault of anyone else, that Merida and Jack are placed in the wrong houses. Why do I think this? Because I'm weird that's why. But lets take a look at the facts shall we?

Merida is usually placed in Gryffindor. Gryffindor is the the house for the brave and daring as well as chivalry. While there is no denying she is brave (no pun intended) and daring, she lacks chivalry which is described as honor courtesy and justice. While it's true she gains these qualities toward the end of the movie it is shown in the movie that at a young age she thinks of only herself. Her own wants are more important than the wants of her mother and kingdom. (I'm not saying there bad things to want. I'm just saying that she thinks more of her self.) If she was sent to Hogwarts at the proper age of 11 although she was brave her wants for her self, and her determination to do what she must to achieve these wants would over rule her bravery and probably cause her to end up in Slytherin not Gryffindor.  Which values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. There is now doubt that she shows all of these qualities quite well. And being in Slytherin house hold is not bad! She represents the kind of Slytherin anyone in Slytherin wants to be. Not only in achieving her dreams but in the changes and kindness shown later in her life.

Than we have Jack. Who is constantly placed in Slytherin. And forgive me but this isn't right. Jack was indeed resourceful. But he was far from cunning or ambitious. He indeed wanted kids to see him. But if he was ambitious he would have excepted Pitches request right away. After all, it was an easy way for him to become seen by every kid. Yet he was unwilling to put the kids at risk of fear for his own wants. The same is proven when he remembers who he was as a human. He put his sister and the other children before is own wants. He is offered multiple chances to get want he wants. But he refuses. Not because he doesn't want them, but because he feels it's the wrong way to get what he wants. Through the entire movie he shows Chivalry, Bravery, and Daring. And he never once does anything for himself so much as the people around him, even if he himself is unwilling to believe it. He might even ask to be in Slytherin for his own reasons. Perhaps he would think he was not brave enough ("all the more reason to choose someone more qualified!") or maybe he would feel unworthy ("How can I know who I am until I find out who I was.") He has a chance to find out everything. But once again his want to protect someone else is more important to him than his own desires. Proving once again his chivalrous nature.

Understand I am not biased about the houses. I don't like or hate any of them. I am a Ravenclaw, my sister and one of my brothers as well as a friend of theres are Slytherin, my best friend is a Hufflepuff (and proud of it.) and my other brother and father is a Gryffindor. My entire house is a mess of different Hogwarts houses.

It's fun to imagine these character in different hogwarts houses. And it's a blast to express my opinions. If you like what I had to say feel free to comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Yours truly!

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this group is all about hiccup,jack frost, rapunzel and merida! :D
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